iPhone Screen Repair – How to Perform iPhone Screen Repair Yourself

iPhone screen repair is a different ball game altogether than the basic repairs that you would carry out on your own cell phone screen. For instance, a professional repair service will have the right tools and equipment required to remove the damaged part of the iPhone screen as well as replacing it with a new one.

Different iPhone screens are damaged in different ways. The first one may be caused by an errant stone or a scratch, which causes the display to get completely cracked. There are others who have had a regular crack or two and the edges of the screen have started to tear.

Although the fact that you cannot get an Apple warranty to cover your broken screen, it will not be much help if you have not been able to fix the problem yourself. It is difficult to believe that all of these damages can be fixed with a few screws and an apple.

But how do you go about it? It has become quite a trend nowadays to carry out iPhone screen repair by yourself because there are so many tips and suggestions that can be found online.

These are tried and tested tips from the most popular service sites around the world. So if you want to get the iPhone screen repaired in the comfort of your home, this is a good place to start. But before you go through the detailed process, you will need to follow the simple step-by-step guide of how to perform iPhone screen repair.

What’s your first thought when you hear about repairing your screen? Will you think of it as a pain or as a way to save money?

Well, it’s pretty easy to fix a broken screen in a short time if you have the right tools. You will need a glass of reasonable thickness. You will also need a pair of fingernail clippers or other scissors.

The glass that you are going to work with must be thick. It must be big enough to be able to cover the scratches that are there on the screen, but thin enough that you can cut it to fit without any difficulty.

Make sure that your glass is a smooth and flat surface for cutting. You can use the glass to lay on the flat surface of the table to make it look like a picture on the screen.

The first thing that you will have to do is cut a piece of glass that is large enough to cover the cracked spot on the screen. Now you can start to see the pieces of glass and the smaller pieces of the LCD panel.

You need to use a very sharp pair of tweezers to push the pieces of glass away from the LCD panel and adjust the position until you can see a line of very small scratches. Take your earbud with you to listen to what the sounds and noises are and push a small amount of pressure at the crack on the LCD panel.

If you see that the crack is not all gone, it is going to take more than just a little pressure to make it get bigger. You may need to use more pressure if the crack is long.

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